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Truma AquaGo White Access Door Adapter Kit

SKU 77101-01


Access Door Adapter Kit - White
Intended Use: For the installation of a Truma AquaGo™ instant water heater with an existing cut-out in a recreational vehicle. Kit includes: 1 Access door; 1 Cover plate; 1 Adapter plate; 22 Screws 0.164 (#8) x 0.51 inch (to fix the appliance and cover plate to theadapter plate); 1 Set of installation instructions. Includes metal framing plate with interior dimensions of 12.75inx12.75in (57.8 cm x 57.8 cm) to accommodate the Truma AquaGo®. The door has a width of 20.1 in (54.6 cm) and a height of 20.1 in (54.6 cm).

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