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Aqua-Hot & Webasto Rebuilding Service

Since 1997 we offer new, refurbished & rebuilt Aqua Hot and Hydro Hot Systems. Send in your heater to be rebuilt with a 1 year warranty attached to it.  Rebuilt Aqua Hot and Hydro Hot systems are available, models vary. Call to verify your model of Aqua Hot, or Hydro Hot to see if you qualify for a refurbished/rebuilt Aqua Hot tank, or a Hydro Hot tank. Cores are accepted for exchange.

Rebuild Aqua Hot Systems, Rebuild Aqua Hot Tanks, Rebuild Hydro Hot Systems, Rebuild Hydro Hot Tanks, Rebuilding Webasto Burner Heads.

- Lower replacement cost: saves money!
- Current connection locations: no expensive replumbing
- New burn chamber: low emissions, less smoke and smell
- New white cabinet/serial number: clean look, trackable
- Factory inspected: burner rebuilt, pumps and other components inspected
- New boiler tank: years of sludge and water removed
- Internal domestic water coil: better heat transfer
- Tested: all operations are factory tested
- Warranty: 1 year

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