Oasis Low Profile Galvanized Cabin Fan - Part No. 6094

SKU 6094

Part No. 6094 Low Profile Galvanized Cabin Fan

  • Dimensions: 13.25” Wide ♦ 4.5” High ♦ 8.0” Deep
  • Power Requirement: 1 amp @ 12 VDC
  • True Output: 6000 BTU/h @ 110° F and 3.0 GPM
  • Connections: ¾” Hose Construction: Galvanized case, Tube and Fin copper core

The 6094 cabin fan is a low cost, compact and extremely efficient cabin fan that is ideal for multi-fan series or manifold plumbed systems. With its dual brushless motor fans, it is quiet and the multi-pass core design has very low restriction. The mounting brackets are part of the case.

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