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125G Gas Hydronic 2/Electric Element


Barcode: 740-100-0073


Model 125G
Ultra-Compact Hydronic Heating for Class B RV’s

**Special Order Lead Time 14-21 Days

Class B RV 1
Class B RV 2

The compact Aqua-Hot 125 can be installed inside/under cabinetry or furniture. This highly efficient system operates as the van's heating system and continuous hot water supply. As many as 3 heat exchangers (black units in photo) can be placed throughout the van to bring heat where needed. The burner is installed on the underside of the van chassis for noise reduction and exhaust.

  • All in One Unit – Fast and easy installation, one unit provides heat and continuous hot water.
  • High Altitude Ready – Adjusts O2 and fuel mix to optimize flame for altitudes up to 16,000ft. Will not soot up and does not require the same maintenance required on other systems.
  • Great for Off-Grid – Uses the vans on board gasoline fuel for all heating and hot water needs with the option to use the electric element when shore power is available.
  • Continuous Hot Water – 110-120F at .8 gpm for kitchen and all water needs.
  • Quiet – The combustion unit is installed outside the van with its own exhaust, while low decibel fans provide heat inside.
  • Night Mode – Provides ample heat with further noise dampening.
  • Dual Fuel – Either gasoline via the van fuel tank or shore power electric.
  • LCD Controller – Up to 3 independently controlled zones, intuitive controls -plus test and diagnostic tools. (Optional)
125D LCD Screen
LCD Touch Screen Controller-  Optional
Manages the entire system
Heater Cutout
Compact 11 ½”H x 7 ½”D x 17 ¾”W
Compact Cozy Heat Exchangers
OOne, two or three quiet and compact (13 ½” x 6 ½” x 4”) heat exchangers can be placed where heat is needed

LCD Touchscreen is optional PN ELE-LCD-050

RVC Display Cable for Touchscreen is not included but is a builder built using Manufacturer Part No. Description
3M 37401-2165-000 FL 100 4-Position MALE Plug
3M 37104-2165-000 FL 100 4-Position FEMALE Receptacle General
Cable E2104S.41.02 4COND 22AWG WHT SHLD Cable.

Compatibility information not available for this product.

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